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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Throw Down @ 69 Vintage!

Here is Tracey, my stylish vintage junkie roomie! She is decked out in goods from 69 Vintage 

69 Vintage is having an old-fashioned fashion throwdown on May 1st, with a $200~ prize in clothes going to the wildest, most creative and most original remade entry.

We're also holding a Style Off - Bring your own model and be here by 5pm to get him/her dressed in Buy the Pound merch - best entry wins $100~ cash!!! 

Doors will open at 8pm.

69 Vintage is located downstairs at 1234 Bloor W, 4 Blocks east of Landsdowne Station
416 516 1234

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Clothing Show

May 1, 2, 3
Better Living Center, Exhibition Place, T.O
Click here

Drunk Trunk Show!

After tearing up the runway at this year's [FAT] ,Toronto's fashion cyclists The Deadly Nightshades are having a trunk show (avec booze) this Wed. April 29th (tomorrow!) 88 Nassau St. (formerly Heart on Your Sleeve) 4-11pm

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coachella Style

Another year has come and gone for the Coachella Music and Art Festival. Performances included Paul McCartney, M.I.A., The Ting Tings, Prince, The Killers and about 150 other bands over the three day music and art extravaganza. Coachella kicks off the season of music festivals, this one in particular seems to be the fav of celebs. Reese and Jake, Tara Reid, Sienna Miller and Kelly Osbourne were just a few of the many celebs that turned up to party with some sun, vodka, and music.


Canadian Model Tribute

Canadian models are so hot right now. I couldn't believe it when I was playing around on and a lot of the models I was coming across happened to be Canadian. I found many successful Canadian models that are working steadily today and getting international attention. Below are just a few of my favourites. I haven't forgotten the most famous Canadian model Linda Evangelista or even Shalom Harlow but I wanted to show models who are currently rising or still walking in many shows.


Balmain Mania

Balmain is taking the fashion world by storm. The accentuated shoulders are making a huge comeback! Accentuated shoulder sounds so much better than shoulder pads! These super lux jackets go for over $11, 000 and are a great example how the look flatters any woman's frame. Some say only models and celeb types are the only one's that can carry this look off but I say this is confidence in a garment, you slide this jacket on and you have this complete don't f*ck with me look.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dearest JAK & JIL: We're not worthy!

Canadian fashion photographer TOMMY TON is the genius behind beloved fashion site  JAK & JIL .
Internationally adored, JAK & JIL has rapidly become somewhat of an internet-based fashion bible. 

JAK & JIL quickly became the internet fashion destination. They showcase highly-addictive photographs of models, fashion insiders and other desirables during fashion weeks.

JAK & JIL serves up almost sickeningly stylish photos of the fashion elite.
Some examples of token JAK & JIL subject matter: It-girl models like Agyness Deyn, Iekeliene Stange,and Irina Lazareanu casually posing or taking a cig break, wearing their own duds, hanging around out side Fashion week in Paris. Its like "model's own" but digital, and way better.

Another thing that got me hooked on JAK & JIL - the photos and candids of the goddesses of chic, the authorities on cool, the behind-the-sceners that are quickly becoming scene-stealers: women like Carine Roitfeld (editor, French Vogue), Kate Lanphear (senior style director, Elle U.S), and Giovanna Battlaglia (editor, Italian Vogue).

The high-calibre fashion content and Tommy Ton's unique photography style propelled JAK & JIL to ubiquitous proportions in a flash. JAK & JIL is a quintessential part of the fashion blogger collective consciousness (if there is such a thing!)

No one else was really doing what they do. And if they were, they weren't doing it as well. No one else gives us the quantity AND quantity JAK & JIL does. They deliver those worship-inducing photos of the fashion industry pro's. The fashion magazine editors and even interns are becoming the new icons. Industry insiders are gaining mythic-type personas - these are the new idols that young fashionistas drool all over the internet about. 

Photo - Tommy Ton's great shot of
Kanye West (flanked by what could be called the Kanye equivalent of Harajuku girls) was immortalized on a recent episode of Southpark. Click here to see the Kanye Southpark gang!
What a riot. I have GOT to see this ep on telly. 

And in case some poor soul out has yet to enjoy JAK & JIL, here are  few requisite links -gaurenteed great-

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Supermodel (You better work!)

I know I keep telling everyone, but you are going to hear it again: I'm modeling in this year's Humber College Fashion Arts grad class "Lost in Wonderland" fashion show this Thursday, April 16th (6:30pm @ The Phoenix, 410 Sherbourne St). 

My nervous butterflies, which I honestly didn't count on having, have been increasingly fluttery the closer we get to the show this Thursday night. To prepare, I've been studiously observing cat-walk queens strut their stuff on YouTube videos. And by catwalk queens, I mean the mega-mean-strutting CANADIAN catwalk queens who dominate the industry: Coco Rocha, Jessica Stam,Stacey McKenzie, Amanda Laine, Irina Lazareanu, Andi Muise, Daria Werbowy, Heather Marks, the list goes on. And then of course, there are our Canadian goddesses, the stunningly beautiful and graceful likes of Shalom Harlow and Linda Evangelista. But don't you dare get me wrong - I'm neither delusional nor disillusioned - I know I'm not going to be able to copy or emulate someone like Coco Rocha's walk in any way, shape, or form. But hey, if I'm going to try, why not try to learn from the best?

A little pressure was taken off for moment while re-watching that clip of Kincardine, Ontario's doll-face Jessica Stam falling at a Chloe show in 2006. Woopsy, daisy. Down she goes - gets right back up - sheepishly adorable - she wipes her misplaced hair from her eyes. On with the show! 

I have never walked in a fashion show, which I'm sure is apparent by now. I'm sure a few humble nerves are better than cocky overconfidence. Although, I have a feeling I'll need to somehow psychologically trick myself into thinking - correction - KNOWING - that I'm a cocky, catty, cat-walk diva come this Thursday evening. 
Wish me luck.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Get Lost in Wonderland

Please come see moi, jacquieshambles, modeling in the Humber College Fashion show Thursday, April 16th, The Phoenix (410 Sherbourne) cocktails 6:30, show starts 7:30. 19+

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bunny & The Balmain


Project Runway Canada's Brandon Dwyer

On the second season of Global’s reality series Project Runway Canada, we had to say goodbye to Brandon after only four episodes. Brandon stood out from the other cast members for his creative designs, not knowing legendary designers, and smoking lots of cigarettes in between. I had a chance to interview Brandon and ask him a few questions.

KiD BRO: Hey Brandon, I want to start by asking what was your last favorite fashion purchase?

Brandon: My shiny black high tops!

Who is your fashion icon?
YSL..just kidding!!! I would have to say I J'adore Angelina's style right now

What designers do you love at the moment?
Zac Posen, Wayne Clark, and Oscar De La Renta

Favorite Fashion blog?
Is this a trick question? I try not to read fashion blogs, so it’s hard to say.

Did you always want to be a designer?
The idea of being a fashion designer never popped into my head until I was 18. But in a way I have always been designing womens clothing just through different mediums.

What did you think of being on the show and did it meet your expectations?
I thought it was a great experience, and it definitely was everything I thought it was going to be and more.

What was the most difficult part being on the show?
It was extremely difficult coming up with a solid idea and creating your idea to the fullest extent in such limited time frames. But, that’s the whole idea of the show right?

How was it watching yourself on television?
I thought it was way too funny! I couldn’t stop laughing!!

Who were you closest to on the show? Any lasting friendships made?
I’m extremely close to Jessica Biffi, I think the friendship we have will last forever. She is an amazing person and an extremely talented designer.

About your last episode, did you feel the show accurately showed what really happened?
I think they did a great portrayal of what occurred during the taping of that episode. The only thing I was slightly upset about was that they made it out to seem I did not know who YSL was...which was not the case, I just was not overly familiar with his work.

At elimination you were put on the spot for not being familiar with YSL, if you could go back would you have said anything different to Iman and the other judges?

Read more Click here

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebs heart YSL's Trib Two Pumps

Celebs have been showing up in Yves Saint Laurent's Trib Two pumps since last year. The round toe and sky high shoe can be worn with almost anything. Everyone from Kate Moss, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have been rocking these super sexy shoes. The trend of YSL's Trib Two pump seems to be not going any where. Kate Moss just wore them last week and Beyonce had hers on last Sunday. The must have shoes retail for $795.



Our friend Textstyles invited us to this partay, you should come. 
There are prizes for the "most fashionable" so look good, don't embarrass me. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Keira Knightley PSA


Keira Knightley is the face of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance but she is also the face of a domestic violence PSA. The two minute PSA will be played in theaters on April 6. Domestic violence affects one in four women at some point in their lifetime and kills two women every week.

Politically Correct Style


The First Lady, Michelle Obama is being touted as the new fashion icon. We have been following her every fashion move she makes and approving of everything she wears. Michelle embodies classic beauty, sophistication and timeless style. While I'm being completely enthralled into all of Michelle's monumental fashion moments I couldn't help but remember the political style icons before her. The style icons attached to political figures that had you forgetting about things like the G20 summit and made you more interested in what designer they chose to wear. Some of Hollywood's over-stylized actresses should take a lesson from these women.

Carolyn Bessette 1966-1999

I still remember that Saturday morning when John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane went missing off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. John's wife Carolyn Bessette was on the plane with her sister Lauren. Their plane crashed reportedly because of poor flight conditions. The plane was found days later. Carolyn was only 33.

Carolyn was voted the "Ultimate Beautiful Person"in high school and worked for Calvin Klein in the PR department. Carolyn was called the next Jackie and was intensely private. Her understated glamour and sophisticated nature was adored by the fashion world and she was hunted relentlessly by the media. Carolyn's life was over too quickly.
Her effortless beauty and polished look was elegant and she proved less is more.
The photos below were taken over 10 years ago and any of the looks could still be worn today.

Princess Diana 1961-1997

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 1929-1994

Obama meets the Queen

Michelle Obama met the Queen yesterday wearing a black and white outfit by Isabel Toledo, and the cardigan is by Azzedine Alaïa. The outfist is simple but very respectable for meeting the Queen. Michelle kept her cardigan on during the visit with the Queen but kept it off once the meeting was over. Michelle's arms are worth showing off.


'Kiss My Ass' Stacey London


Whoopi sounded off on 'What Not To Wear' host Stacey London and TV Guide writer Ingela Ratledge, who Whoopi called an "anonyomous bitch." Whoopi unleashed on the women after they insulted her wardrobe, Stacey London saying Whoopi looks like she comes to work like she is on her way to Costco. Its obvious Whoopi is not inspiring too many people with her sartorial choices but it is clear that she is being herself. I like the fact that Whoopi is not trying to be something she's not and she proves to be an individual. I think Anna Wintour said it best when Barbara Walters asked her "what is fashion?" and Anna replied "Jeans and Tshirts can be equally as fashionable as an Oscar de la Renta Dress." So there you have it. Stacey London dresses people completely by the book and if everyone dressed by the rules then fashion would never evolve into what it is today. Just think, women would still not be allowed to wear pants if someone didn't go against the grain.

Nicole Kidman Rocking L'Wren Scott

Last night Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban attended the 2009 Academy of Country Music Awards, Kidman was dressed in a L'Wren Scott backless sequined dress from the Fall 09 collection. Nicole Kidman seems to have an obsession with L'Wren Scott lately and its an obsession that seems to agree with her. Kidman has worn L'Wren Scott dresses from the Spring 09 collection over six times to various events since November, including the dress she wore to the 2009 Academy Awards. Kidman gets points for going a bit gothic at the usually predictable Country Music Awards red carpet.


Beyonce at Pastis

Beyonce and Jay Z had lunch today at Pastis in the Meat Packing District of New York City. The couple just celebrated their wedding anniversary of one year. Beyonce looks especially cute in these pics. From the sun glasses to the killer spike stilletos. She keeps it cool and casual with the plaid shirt underneath her burgundy jacket. This is one my favourite looks on her, the suspenders are a nice touch too!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Local Talent: Project Runway Canada`s Brandon Dwyer

Andi Muise in a strapless LBD by Brandon Dwyer
KiD BRO and jacquieshambles at Devil`s Martini
The runway brigade

This weekend KiD BRO and I braved the rain and hit Brandon Dwyer`s FW 09 show at Devil`s Martini. It was interesting to see what the Barrie native would do after Project Runway Canada. Even though he was eliminated fairly early on and didn`t know much about Yves Saint Laurent, Dwyer has admirably used the opportunity of the T.V show to power on with his life dream of designing. 

Devil`s Martini (473 Adelaide St. W.) gave a cool enough ambiance for a fashion show, and and we enjoyed a quick martini before the show started at 8pm.  
The show was full of darkness: All black and blue, and maybe a little plum. Keeping on the theme of darkness, models donned black lips like we saw last fall at Prada and elsewhere. 
High-waisted black skirts with equally black one-shoulder top, and a breezy grey top with a leg-o-mutton sleeve seemed casually chic and on-trend. There were also flattering LBD`s, more flowey dark blouses and cute bubble skirts. The finale was Dwyer`s muse, Andi Muse, strutting in an impressive sleeveless sweetheart neckline ballgown with three-teired bubble skirting. 

Project Runway Canada castmates attended to show their support. Toronto`s Jeff MacKinnon and Jessica Biffi (who is currently still in the running) had nothing but great things to say about their pal and his collection as they chatted with us outside after the show. 


What Happens When the Most Fashionable First Ladies Meet

KiD BRO on the first lady fashion trail

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is the wife of French President, Nicolas Sarkozy. Carla is a retired model, singer and one time girlfriend of Mick Jaegger. Oh yeah, and a nude photo scandal that caused controversey but did not have much effect on her public image. She is the darling of fashion houses in France and Vanity Fair dubbed her the next Jackie O. Michelle and Carla met today in Strasbourg, France for the
Nato summit. Michelle is wearing a floral print coat by Thakoon and Carla is wearing a grey belted trench. They are both wearing pussy bow jackets with similar hem lines. This was probably planned, possibly to show unity after it was rumoured that Carla was not present at the G20 Summit in London because Michelle would take the spotlight from Carla. We highly doubt this rumor. I'm not feeling Michelle's floral print jacket but she takes it off and reveals a Thakoon magenta dress that is cut beautifully.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

London Calling

KiD BRO follows Michelle Obama's every fashion move

The First Lady and her husband boarded Air Force One looking timeless in one her fashion favorites, Thakoon. Michelle Obama is in London for the annual G-20 Summit, despite heavy protesting and an uneasy economic climate Michelle Obama still dresses like the optimistic fashion leader that she is.

The white jacket with black trim is Thakoon and Michael Kors dress underneath. According to while the coat looks like "tweed, it’s actually a silk tulle that’s been flocked to resemble the classic fabric."

When the First Lady arrived in London, she apparently has been taking tips from Victoria Beckham and changed on the plane. Ready for awaiting photogs she wore a bright chartreuse yellow Jason Wu. Wardrobe change on Air Force One. We like!

By breakfast Michelle had met with Britain's Prime Minister's wife to visit a cancer center. Michelle wore high street retailer J. Crew with a double pearl necklace. Her cardigan is bead studded with a mint green pencil skirt.
Its only mid morning, we will be eagerly waiting to see what she will wear during the rest of her London tour. Hopefully we can see her wear a British designer. Obama in McQueen, we can only imagine. Rumour has it when she meets the Queen she may go sleeveless. Oh the shock!

Coming To America


After a long awaited arrival TopShop/TopMan is opening its doors tomorrow for the launch of their first American location.
TopShop was due to make its debut last Autumn but due to construction, flood, and even fire delays scheduling was pushed back. The grand opening kicks off tomorrow at 11am with Kate Moss and Sir Phillip Green.They are hoping to translate Topshop's success from London to the streets of Manhattan.

PR consultant Kelly Cutrone had to say this about Topshop's arrival “I truly believe it is going to turn New York upside down. This is going to be an injection of cool and energy that only the Brits can deliver to the sad retail world in New York. All the girls in NYC will trample and grind to get into that store; they live for girls like Agyness Deyn and Kate Moss.”

Kate Moss's ninth collection will also be launched tomorrow. It will launch the same day as the UK.The 25,000sq. feet store is located on Broadway and cost a reported $20million.

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