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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Always Cry Wolf

by jacquieshambles

fashionMovementz is a fan of local t-shirt company Cry Wolf and you should be too.

They create unmistakeably adorable yet undoubtedly dark illustrations that transform t-shirts into wearable art.

The recent past has seen an influx of graphic tees, but Cry Wolf offers a fresh take while capturing the essence of why we started loving our graphic tees in the first place!

One visit to their impressive website, will show you the distinct vibe these girls have got: Whimsical and unique illustrations on t-shirts (and more) made by talented young Canadian women. What’s not to love?

Ambitious and sweet, Cry Wolf’s creators Rose and Steph sat down with fashionMovementz for good conversation over early evening coffee.

fashionMovementz: What does Cry Wolf do?

Steph- We do hand silk screens, mostly tee shirts, for men, ladies and kids. We also do hand pressed buttons and pocket mirrors.

FM: How did you meet and get your start?

Rose: We were both in high school together; I was in the same grade as Steph’s sister. We were both arts people, and that’s sort of how we bonded. I went to U of T for art, and she went to OCAD. After I graduated, we wanted to do something that would allow us to live off our art. So we started our first company, Poisson. We didn’t know anything about business, we just dove in head first.

FM : Where do you operate?

R- We are based and operate out of Toronto. Our studio is actually in both of our houses.

FM: What motivated you to collaborate on a company together?

S: We wanted to start a career where we had creative control. If we were to go out and get jobs in our field we probably wouldn’t have that freedom. That is really what inspired us to do our own thing.

R: Neither of us are nine-to-five people, even though now we work much longer than that for Cry Wolf.

FM: What inspired the change from Poissen to Cry Wolf?

S: About 2 years after we started Poissen, we realized we weren’t fully unified. Our focus was a little scattered. We wanted to really brand ourselves with Cry Wolf, so we have a more solid line now and we’re really trying to push our name out there.

R: Poissen was more of an experiment. We have more concentration and direction now.

FM: Why the name “Cry Wolf”?

S: When we were discussing and brainstorming possible names for the line, Cry Wolf came to mind in when thinking about the fables. Our designs are imaginative and use animal imagery, so it fits.

R: Right. And “Cry Wolf” kind of suits our personalities.

FM: How would you describe the Cry Wolf aesthetic?

S: Kind of… Random?

R: Well, it is in a way, but we now choose certain designs with some narrative to them. People can interpret our designs in different ways.

Click here to read full story

Where to find Cry Wolf



Freedom Clothing Collective

939 Bloor Street West

Slinky Music

442 Queen St. W.


Headquarters Galerie + Boutique
1649 Rue Amherst



246 Dalhousie St

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MANGO's Black Icon Tribute: Black History Month (BHM) Fashion

fashionMOVEMENTZ celebrates BHM with MANGO's Black Icon Tribute! Regardless of the decade, their mark has always been left on the fashion scene. Here's to another decade...




00's and Beyond

Check out Black Icons Fashion at

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The New American Royalty

The First Lady of America is gracing the cover of March's Vogue. On the cover Michelle Obama looks feminine, modern, and strong. She is the new standard for women of her generation and younger women to aspire to.
Many First Ladies have been featured in the magazine but only two have ever made the cover. Michelle Obama being the second and Hilary Clinton was the first in December 1998. On the cover shot Mrs. Obama is wearing a magenta dress designed by Jason Wu. The same designer that made her white one-shoulder inauguration gown. Michelle is already being compared to Jackie Kennedy for her style choices. But Michelle is not Jackie and does not care what she wears, as much as we do.

In the article Michelle was interviewed by Vogue's editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley and photographed by Annie Leibovitz. The article focuses on what she will bring to the White House, she wants to open up the White House more to the public, she was raised on the south side of Chicago and does not believe in exclusivity or a members only attitude. "It's never "me" and "mine" and "some," but "we" and "our" and "all."
The article also focuses on her first priority, being a mother, Michelle still wants to take her daughters, Malia and Sasha, to school every day that she can. "I like to be a presence in my kids' school. I want to know the teachers; I want to know the other parents," she said.

This is Vogue so of course they dished on fashion. This is Michelle's take on fashion:

"I love clothes. First and foremost, I wear what I love. That's what women have to focus on: what makes them happy and what makes them feel comfortable and beautiful. If I can have any impact, I want women to feel good about themselves and have fun with fashion."

As much as we can see Michelle seems to love wearing beautiful clothes she is still very practical in what she chooses to wear. Michelle is not focused on fashion but she appreciates it. When she was criticized for wearing her black cardigan over a Narciso Rodriguez dress this is what she had to say about handling the criticism, "I'm not going to pretend that I don't care about it. But I also have to be very practical. In the end, someone will always not like what you wear—people just have different tastes. Some will think that a sweater was horrible, but I was cold; I needed that sweater!"

The First Lady personally picked her own outfits for the shoot, which does not normally happen for a Vogue cover. She paired designer with affordable pieces, which we cash-strapped fashion lovers can relate to and appreciate. Michelle often chooses accessible retailers like J. Crew. After interviewing Michelle, Andre Leon Talley had to say this: "She's so accessible, natural and normal. There's nothing affected about her. While most cover models have their clothes chosen for them, she doesn't need any help. She loves fashion and knows what works for her. She's never had a conversation with me about, 'What do you think?' or 'How did this look?' And I'm glad for that."

This probably won't be the last Vogue cover for Michelle Obama, but what is so apparent about Michelle Obama is that she is not trying to be some fashionista, but her clothes simply complement her personality and her goodwill. The First Lady is not only inspiring us to be a better dresser but she inspires us to be a better person.

Michelle in affordable retailer
J.Crew salmon wool cardigan, top, and tweed skirt.

Michelle wearing a Narciso Rodriguez dress.
Jackie Kennedy, in a similar pose to the Vogue cover.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MyCandy Couture

By: Carly Larkin
Candy is healthy, but only in your fashion diet, according to the mastermind behind a delicious new jewelry line called MyCandy Couture. Melanie Vernon, a Mississauga resident and mother, was inspired to create a colorful, yet trendy line simply because she loved candy.
"Honestly I just love candy. I wanted to do this for a long time and I had to experiment with different was of preserving candy. It took a lot of different
products, but I finally found something that worked," said Vernon.

MyCandy Couture is not the only innovative idea Vernon has come up with; she also designs hoop earrings with a variety of textures and fabrics.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Madonna for W Magazine: Divorce Never Looked So Good

By Paul Frost
Magazine sales are down but this will help sell a few copies. Freshly divorced and looking more glamorous than ever, Madonna proves to us she can and will always stir a little controversy.

This sexy spread was shot in a hotel room in Rio de Janeiro by famed photographer Steven Klein. The sexy 46 page spread titled 'Blame it On Rio' will be featured in March 09's W Magazine. The model featured with Madonna is already rumoured to be dating her, he is Brazilian model Jesus Luz, 22. They reportedly met on this shoot in December. Apparently, Madonna become so captivated when she first met Luz she invited him to join her on the remainder of her South American dates for her super successful Sticky and Sweet tour.
The pictures speak for themselves as you can see the sexual passion between them. Their chemistry definitely translates to the photographs.

The photos show Madonna looking seductive and beautiful in a few different dresses, she is even wearing a couple dresses designed by Victoria Beckham. Also seen in a vintage Dior wool suit, and looking gorgeous in a vintage silk gown. Madonna's lace gloves seem to be a trend through most of the editorial and a visible cross around her neck. Madonna seems to always flirt with themes of religion, as some may agree she is styled looking like a naughty woman of the church. The dress with the white trim around the neck and sleeves is almost nun like.

Luz is barely clothed in most of the photos, one image Luz is standing pool side while only covering himself with a towel as Madonna is spying on him, in another he is wearing black briefs laying on a bed as Madonna seems to be locking their hotel door. They share a passionate kiss in the hotel room and make this editorial a must look for everyone.

Madonna was just seen last week having dinner with Jesus in New York City, accompanied by two of her children, Lourdes and youngest son David. Sources say Guy doesn't think highly of Jesus since he is convinced this is a casual fling and is not thrilled this is happening so soon after the divorce, and has reservations since Jesus has met the kids so quickly.
Jesus probably won't be complaining of his new status since being linked to Madonna. He has reportedly dropped his modelling agency, 40 Graus Models, and recently signed with the more prestigious Ford Models. Supposedly he has raised his rates as well, he used to be paid $225 for a photo shoot, now he is asking for $100,000.

Madonna was last rumoured to be with Alex Rodriguez who is in the midst of his own controversy at the moment, admitting to steroid use, but it seems she has moved on quite well, to a much younger man. It seems Madonna is doing very well since her divorce. Looking good truly is the best revenge.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


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Friday, February 6, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dark times... Bright Future.

By Jacquie Burton

Before we begin: I beg of everyone... please boycott the term "recessionista". Don't let that ghastly word get any worse or spread any farther than it already has! Hopefully telling people NOT to use the term doesn't count as actually using it.. In any case that buck stops here, I promise!

With harsh climates (economic AND weather) we all felt some major winter blues. As we push forward into 2009, the vibe on the street and runway is pure joy and optimism.
Lanvin's Spring line showed us asymmetrical dresses in power punching orange and vivid fuchsia. Nothing dismal here.
Let us compare this bright optimism with the not so distant dismal past..

People lapped up reflections of economic uncertainty and depression in the Fall 2008 lines. Black, black and more black. Oh and maybe a touch of gray. I never thought being poor and depressed could look so chic!
2008, if anything, taught us a few things. One lesson for me: The merit of black in the wardrobe. Black is fool proof and it is timeless. It's slimming. It's Parisian looking. And just like that, I can't stop buying/wearing it!

Younger designers Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh,Yohji Yamamoto and Anne Demuelemeester

Click here to read full story

Lanvin Spring 2009

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2008

He's Just Not That Into You.

By Paul Frost
The women of He's Just Not That Into You were out in full force last night for their Los Angeles premiere of their new flick, held at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Jennifer Aniston looked chic in a black pantsuit by Burberry with gold accessories.
But the one who stole the show had to be Jennifer Connolly. Connolly got her look straight from the runway from Christoph Decarnin's Spring/Summer 09 collection. Connolly looked divine in her emerald green mini dress and her jewelled shoes made it even more electric. How many celebs can even compare to the runway look, but Connolly is looking effortless as this dress seems to fit her so well. The prominent shoulders of the dress give this svelte actress structure and strength in her figure. The shoulders give the illusion that her waste is even more petite. I like that Connolly seems to be wearing something that she truly wants to be wearing. She looks comfortable in Balmain and her past style choices tells us she has a great eye for fashion forward pieces, or that she just has a brilliant stylist.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gap at it again...

By Paul Frost
The Gap
has hired three top models for their Spring 2009 campaign:

Jessica Stam, Erin Wasson and Eddie Klint

The models look stunning and very all-American but can Gap: Can you please stimulate us just a little? The Gap is one of those places we all visit but never really buy anything from. They have incredibly boring clothes but all the basic staples a boy or girl needs. Gap has the money to hire and pay the most sought after models but their ads usually still come up flat and uninspiring. Maybe I am being too hard on good old Gap because they serve their purpose. Anyone from a baby to a Grandmother can be dressed from one single store which is pretty amazing. But do you really wanna shop where you can buy something for the entire family? Didn't think so. Retailers like Gap start to remind me of A&W.. I'm over the Teen Burger.. and don't want a Grandma Burger yet.


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