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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dearest JAK & JIL: We're not worthy!

Canadian fashion photographer TOMMY TON is the genius behind beloved fashion site  JAK & JIL .
Internationally adored, JAK & JIL has rapidly become somewhat of an internet-based fashion bible. 

JAK & JIL quickly became the internet fashion destination. They showcase highly-addictive photographs of models, fashion insiders and other desirables during fashion weeks.

JAK & JIL serves up almost sickeningly stylish photos of the fashion elite.
Some examples of token JAK & JIL subject matter: It-girl models like Agyness Deyn, Iekeliene Stange,and Irina Lazareanu casually posing or taking a cig break, wearing their own duds, hanging around out side Fashion week in Paris. Its like "model's own" but digital, and way better.

Another thing that got me hooked on JAK & JIL - the photos and candids of the goddesses of chic, the authorities on cool, the behind-the-sceners that are quickly becoming scene-stealers: women like Carine Roitfeld (editor, French Vogue), Kate Lanphear (senior style director, Elle U.S), and Giovanna Battlaglia (editor, Italian Vogue).

The high-calibre fashion content and Tommy Ton's unique photography style propelled JAK & JIL to ubiquitous proportions in a flash. JAK & JIL is a quintessential part of the fashion blogger collective consciousness (if there is such a thing!)

No one else was really doing what they do. And if they were, they weren't doing it as well. No one else gives us the quantity AND quantity JAK & JIL does. They deliver those worship-inducing photos of the fashion industry pro's. The fashion magazine editors and even interns are becoming the new icons. Industry insiders are gaining mythic-type personas - these are the new idols that young fashionistas drool all over the internet about. 

Photo - Tommy Ton's great shot of
Kanye West (flanked by what could be called the Kanye equivalent of Harajuku girls) was immortalized on a recent episode of Southpark. Click here to see the Kanye Southpark gang!
What a riot. I have GOT to see this ep on telly. 

And in case some poor soul out has yet to enjoy JAK & JIL, here are  few requisite links -gaurenteed great-

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Paul said...

Love that pic of kanye. i know everyone hates on kanye for his arrogance but i can't help but kind of like him. now his girlfriend, amber rose? I have no comment.

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