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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interview: Textstyles

When it comes to documenting Toronto street style, I stand by this statement: Textstyles does it best.

“Toronto streetstyle, fashion, photography and culture” blog is brought to us by Stefania Yarhi, T.O born and bred. Ms. Yarhi is a passionate and talented writer who tirelessly focuses her eye and lens on our city. She works to highlight the typically ignored street style subject matter that Toronto has to offer – and for this, we thank her. Oh – and she is most definitely street-stylish in her own right! (Exhibit A - Stefania rocks orange jump suit in photo, right)

Textstyles recently celebrated its first year on the scene with a great party (you should have been there!) I decided to ask Stefania a few questions about her influences and opinions, her blog, and of course, Toronto’s style.

Why “Textstyles”? Textstyles really was the perfect play with words to convey what the site is all about. When I decided I wanted to start the blog it took a while to find the right name. Textstyles broken down is obviously alludes to textiles, so we’re already thinking fashion, and then text for the writing and styles, well you get the picture. I just loved that it spoke to what I wanted to do with the blog.

Why did you start your blog? I started the blog because I had recently graduated from University and I was always checking out these other fashion blogs across the globe and knew I had a voice. I wanted to showcase Toronto and my writing/photography and this was the perfect platform. It gave me a purpose and a creative work-in-progress; no one was exactly knocking down my door asking me to write for them, so I built myself a stage. Also it acts as a calling card, a resume of sorts.

Were there any blogs (fashion or otherwise) that inspired you? The sites that inspired me were: The Sartorialist, Une Fille Comme Moi (Garance Doré), The Facehunter, Fashion Toast and Feels Like White Lightning.

What some of your favourite fashion blogs/sites right now and why? Favourite blogs right now, well still the aforementioned. Also, Jak & Jil (another Toronto eye, that is absolutely motivating),, and of course my fellow torontophiles.

What do you do? (other than Textstyles) Other than blogging, I have a life in the real world. I work 9-5 at a custom publishing company (which is what allows me the freedom to fund my site). I’m a writer with a background in the arts and trying to marry the two together.

Where are you from? Where did you grow up? I’m Toronto born and raised, except for perhaps 12 months that I’ve lived elsewhere. This is my town, my family and my history.

What was Stefania like in highschool? What was her style? What was Stefania like in High School? Oh shit. My style, way back then, was “growing pains.” I’ve always tended towards more classic looks, but high school perhaps saw some huge hoop earrings, too tight clothes and some awkward moments. But, by the final two years I had definitely found my what works best for me. (And that’s constantly under revision!)

Any major fashion regrets? Yes. Skater period in Junior High (and I’ve never even been on a skate board) and that’s all I’m willing to divulge.

What do you think of Toronto’s style? Toronto’s style, on the whole is too safe. We’ve got a major inferiority complex and people tend to what’s accepted and already being done somewhere else. There are definitely people who know what they’re doing and really kill it every time, but the vast majority dresses in uniform.

I really like your style profiles, especially the ones with the hand-writing posted on. How do you go about getting this profile interviews? Do you find the response positive? The profile interviews have been a big hit. The one in question forced me to moderate comments cause of some crazy impostor, but on the whole the response has been good. People like the questions, the answer, the candidness and reading something more in depth. The profiles are all people I’ve met along the way and who I admire for what they’re doing. Movers and shakers really, people I find motivating and want to shine a spotlight on.

You attended FW09 LG fashion week. What did you like about this fashion week? Any favourite collections/pieces? What were some trends? Toronto Fashion Week has come along in its 10 years of existence. Again, the Canadian inferiority complex, it’s all too safe and just not big enough. It seems like it’s a fashion week for the sake of having a fashion week, but considering the talent that Toronto houses it falls short. Labels and designs that are celebrated have already walked the international catwalks 2 seasons ago. And the major retailer shows need to stop, let them foot the bill and paste their logos everywhere, but if I want to see what’s in stores I’ll go to a mall, thanks.

What is on heavy rotation from your closet right now? Heavy rotation right now is a white with blue pin-stripe blazer that I picked up at Mad Gypsy on Roncesvalles—it goes with everything! This vintage Sonia Rykiel crested sweater that I bought at a vintage store in Manhattan. I love my two-tone penny loafers from Chasse Gardée. In another life I was a French sailor for sure.

If you could attend any runway show, who’s would it be?
Marc Jacobs, no questions asked. Love him.

If you could travel to any city in the world and document it for Textstyles, which city would you go to and why? Hmmmmm, any city to document? Harsh. Probably Tokyo cause they go bananas when they put clothes on in the morning; from all the sites and magazines that I’ve seen it’s like every day is dress-up day and I find it really intriguing.

Streetstyles by TEXTSTYLES! MORE HERE.

Friday, June 5, 2009


WHERE: The Bata Shoe Museum, 327 Bloor St. W


$28 (includes 2 year subscription to WORN)
Online at
Winkle, 1107 Queen Street East
Left Feet, 88 Nassau Street
Frou Frou, 1616 Queen Street West

jacquieshambles Lets get some SHOES. I haven't been to the Bata Shoe Museum since I was about 12 years old, so needless to say I'm due for a visit. This Saturday, WORN Fashion Journal is hosting a live fundraiser auction at the Bata Shoe Museum as part of the exhibit. Whats up for grabs? The incredibly inventive reworked Keds sneakers, as done by Canadian artists.

*all photos courtesy WORN*

I just had to show you a few - from top: Tyler Rauman, Renata Morales (one of my fave Canadian fashion designers!) and Elif Saydam.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Danielle Meder X Doc Marten!

Toronto's premiere fashion illustrator, Danielle Meder, won a Dr Marten boot design contest (very deservedly so, I might add!). When I first started reading Danielle's blog, Final Fashion, I noticed her unique paint splatter boot design was in the running. Well, the talented Ms. Meder's design got mega votes, took the prize, and she recently received her real life pair! The good news - They will be available in Toronto and Montreal at Neon. I can't wait to rock what will surely be the most envied Docs around.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

fashionMOVEMENTZ at the Spring Clothing Show

We hit the Spring Clothing Show on Saturday at The Better Living Center. There were some great vendors, and we saw favourites and friends like Cry Wolf Clothing and Dialogue Headwear. We met some fascinating vintage entrepreuneurs and did some shopping, of course.

The Highlights

My fave vintage booth was where I picked up this biker jacket (from now defunct Canadian leather company Cosa Nova). I had been struggling to find a perfect one, and this one fits better than most thrift/vintage women's biker leathers that I've been able to find, and the price was right, so I had to take it home.
I had a fascinating chat with co-owner's Jesse and Josh. I found out that they are vintage purveyers to the fullest- They own
Snap Clothing(reworked designer vintage) F As In Frank Clothing (new & used, Snap reworked vintage available in Whistler and Vancouver), AND these busy guys do Hoboken and Haberdashery 80's and 90's vintage streetwear and vintage urbanwear.
Jesse is a second generation vintage man. His family has been in the biz long before I was old enough to care about vintage clothes, owning Toronto's old vintage shop South Pacific. Jesse's father also founded what was probably Toronto's first vintage shop, The Farmer's Rag Market in the Flat Iron building.

Jesse's partner is the ever-knowledgable and passionate Josh.The two of them have been serving up great vintage and shall continue to do so!!/ get it here -
SNAP Clothing

Hoboken & Haberdashery on Ebay

F As In Frank

Shernett Swaby's gloriously eye-catching and functional new line of handbags and purses. The line debuted at the One-Of-A-Kind show with fantastic response - she sold out in a flash - and we can see why. Swaby, the Project Runway Canada alum, showed us her large, mid and clutch-sized handbag selection. You can pick up your own at the shop, 187A Queen Street East, Toronto, ON.I was especially taken with the large black ruffled bags - pretty, and I could fit my whole life in it.
More here - Shernett Swaby

Art/Skate or Streetwear
The Bait Shop 358 Dufferin Street, Suite 117, Toronto, Ontario.
The Bait Shop Gallery (voted best new gallery of 08) is a hidden gem that I can't believe I haven't been to yet. They were offering up their own brand this year, and they also had artists do an all day giant collabo painting.
Sample sale this week: May 8th and 9th, Noon to 6 at the gallery, 368 Dufferin.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surreal Things @ The AGO

Surreal Things offers a new perspective on the surrealists’ contentious and ambiguous relationship to the commercial fields of design, fashion, advertising, architecture, film and theatre. The exhibition explores how the increasing pressures of burgeoning consumer culture conflicted with surrealism’s first principles. Nonetheless, there was significant creative, cross-fertilization between surrealist artists and designers. The exhibition brings together some of the most extraordinary objects ever created, and will include painting, sculpture, architecture, works on paper, jewellery, ceramics, textiles, furniture, fashion, film and photography.

May 9 – August 30, 2009 - We'll be there opening day! Can't wait!

Click here for more info

Monday, May 4, 2009

TEXTSTYLES 1 year partay!

Friday, May 8th, 10pm - 2am

Rolly’s Garage 128 Ossington Ave. Toronto

Surface2Air Shoes Please!

photo - Garance Dore

I saw these gorgeous strappy things first on a photo from Garance Dore (she is in Australia right now) and then found that they were from French brand Surface To Air. I thought, gee, of course they are.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Model Infatuation..

above:  Jamie Bochart's comp card, Jamie and fiance Michael Pitt, and Jamie in Balmain, W Magazine .

As you can probably tell by now, we heart our models here at fashionmovementz.
The most recent
Vogue was tailor made for model fanatics like us, with their gorgeous cover spread featuring "The Faces of the Moment".
"The Real Lives of Models", "Meet the Boyfriends" and the Stephen Meisel piece were all delicious reads. It had have been my favorite Vogue in years. I don't even think I'll take the scissors to it, this ones a keeper.

There was, however, a model not featured in the model May 09 issue of Vogue. This model doesn't quite fit into the same innocent blonde category as girls like Caroline Trentini, Anna Jagodzinska or Lily Donaldson.

This model actually graced the cover of Tokion Magazine instead. Her name is Jamie Bochart, and she has my attention. She is a model/musiscian/fiance to actor Michael Pitt. Tokion mentions something about Bochart making other models look like cheerleaders or something of the sort and I have to agree. She is a supremly dark beauty with unconventional good looks. I first noticed her in W Magazine's April issue editorial "Stardust" shot by Inez van Lamsweerde. As I flipped through the pages I thought to myself "who is this Ramones looking bad ass chick!" 
I can't wait to see more, Ms. Bochart.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Throw Down @ 69 Vintage!

Here is Tracey, my stylish vintage junkie roomie! She is decked out in goods from 69 Vintage 

69 Vintage is having an old-fashioned fashion throwdown on May 1st, with a $200~ prize in clothes going to the wildest, most creative and most original remade entry.

We're also holding a Style Off - Bring your own model and be here by 5pm to get him/her dressed in Buy the Pound merch - best entry wins $100~ cash!!! 

Doors will open at 8pm.

69 Vintage is located downstairs at 1234 Bloor W, 4 Blocks east of Landsdowne Station
416 516 1234

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Clothing Show

May 1, 2, 3
Better Living Center, Exhibition Place, T.O
Click here

Drunk Trunk Show!

After tearing up the runway at this year's [FAT] ,Toronto's fashion cyclists The Deadly Nightshades are having a trunk show (avec booze) this Wed. April 29th (tomorrow!) 88 Nassau St. (formerly Heart on Your Sleeve) 4-11pm

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coachella Style

Another year has come and gone for the Coachella Music and Art Festival. Performances included Paul McCartney, M.I.A., The Ting Tings, Prince, The Killers and about 150 other bands over the three day music and art extravaganza. Coachella kicks off the season of music festivals, this one in particular seems to be the fav of celebs. Reese and Jake, Tara Reid, Sienna Miller and Kelly Osbourne were just a few of the many celebs that turned up to party with some sun, vodka, and music.


Canadian Model Tribute

Canadian models are so hot right now. I couldn't believe it when I was playing around on and a lot of the models I was coming across happened to be Canadian. I found many successful Canadian models that are working steadily today and getting international attention. Below are just a few of my favourites. I haven't forgotten the most famous Canadian model Linda Evangelista or even Shalom Harlow but I wanted to show models who are currently rising or still walking in many shows.


Balmain Mania

Balmain is taking the fashion world by storm. The accentuated shoulders are making a huge comeback! Accentuated shoulder sounds so much better than shoulder pads! These super lux jackets go for over $11, 000 and are a great example how the look flatters any woman's frame. Some say only models and celeb types are the only one's that can carry this look off but I say this is confidence in a garment, you slide this jacket on and you have this complete don't f*ck with me look.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dearest JAK & JIL: We're not worthy!

Canadian fashion photographer TOMMY TON is the genius behind beloved fashion site  JAK & JIL .
Internationally adored, JAK & JIL has rapidly become somewhat of an internet-based fashion bible. 

JAK & JIL quickly became the internet fashion destination. They showcase highly-addictive photographs of models, fashion insiders and other desirables during fashion weeks.

JAK & JIL serves up almost sickeningly stylish photos of the fashion elite.
Some examples of token JAK & JIL subject matter: It-girl models like Agyness Deyn, Iekeliene Stange,and Irina Lazareanu casually posing or taking a cig break, wearing their own duds, hanging around out side Fashion week in Paris. Its like "model's own" but digital, and way better.

Another thing that got me hooked on JAK & JIL - the photos and candids of the goddesses of chic, the authorities on cool, the behind-the-sceners that are quickly becoming scene-stealers: women like Carine Roitfeld (editor, French Vogue), Kate Lanphear (senior style director, Elle U.S), and Giovanna Battlaglia (editor, Italian Vogue).

The high-calibre fashion content and Tommy Ton's unique photography style propelled JAK & JIL to ubiquitous proportions in a flash. JAK & JIL is a quintessential part of the fashion blogger collective consciousness (if there is such a thing!)

No one else was really doing what they do. And if they were, they weren't doing it as well. No one else gives us the quantity AND quantity JAK & JIL does. They deliver those worship-inducing photos of the fashion industry pro's. The fashion magazine editors and even interns are becoming the new icons. Industry insiders are gaining mythic-type personas - these are the new idols that young fashionistas drool all over the internet about. 

Photo - Tommy Ton's great shot of
Kanye West (flanked by what could be called the Kanye equivalent of Harajuku girls) was immortalized on a recent episode of Southpark. Click here to see the Kanye Southpark gang!
What a riot. I have GOT to see this ep on telly. 

And in case some poor soul out has yet to enjoy JAK & JIL, here are  few requisite links -gaurenteed great-

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Supermodel (You better work!)

I know I keep telling everyone, but you are going to hear it again: I'm modeling in this year's Humber College Fashion Arts grad class "Lost in Wonderland" fashion show this Thursday, April 16th (6:30pm @ The Phoenix, 410 Sherbourne St). 

My nervous butterflies, which I honestly didn't count on having, have been increasingly fluttery the closer we get to the show this Thursday night. To prepare, I've been studiously observing cat-walk queens strut their stuff on YouTube videos. And by catwalk queens, I mean the mega-mean-strutting CANADIAN catwalk queens who dominate the industry: Coco Rocha, Jessica Stam,Stacey McKenzie, Amanda Laine, Irina Lazareanu, Andi Muise, Daria Werbowy, Heather Marks, the list goes on. And then of course, there are our Canadian goddesses, the stunningly beautiful and graceful likes of Shalom Harlow and Linda Evangelista. But don't you dare get me wrong - I'm neither delusional nor disillusioned - I know I'm not going to be able to copy or emulate someone like Coco Rocha's walk in any way, shape, or form. But hey, if I'm going to try, why not try to learn from the best?

A little pressure was taken off for moment while re-watching that clip of Kincardine, Ontario's doll-face Jessica Stam falling at a Chloe show in 2006. Woopsy, daisy. Down she goes - gets right back up - sheepishly adorable - she wipes her misplaced hair from her eyes. On with the show! 

I have never walked in a fashion show, which I'm sure is apparent by now. I'm sure a few humble nerves are better than cocky overconfidence. Although, I have a feeling I'll need to somehow psychologically trick myself into thinking - correction - KNOWING - that I'm a cocky, catty, cat-walk diva come this Thursday evening. 
Wish me luck.

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