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Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Fasion

2010 Fashion

Last year Purple was the Hottest color that gained much attention from the fashionistas all over the globe. If you ask us Purple will always be the number one choice of fashion statement. Its Bold, its sexy it’s a perfect way to say I look good and I can make you look good standing next to me!

Its seems though that we’ll have to wait for the 2010 Fashion week to figure out what to look forward to in this new year. I’m sure those in the know have an idea but no one can really predict the outcome of the fashion world.

What we are really waiting to see is what the fashion designers have in stock for us for 2010. Will it be futuristic? Will it be the neo classic look? Or will we go wild western?

What would be exciting to see is a combination of all three, what artist would have the guts to combine all and make it a success?

Nevertheless we hope that this years fashion will be a fun and exciting adventure we salute the success of Canadian fashion in the 2010 year

Recorded on iPod touch and posted with VR+ Lite.

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