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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fairy-tale Inspiration for Dark Fall Fashion

By Jacquie Burton

There is a fairy-tale quality to this season’s goth trend. Instead of looking to the runways, I found inspiration from the beautiful and haunting illustrations that are the work of English artist Arthur Rackham. I remember finding books, cards, and posters of Rackham's fairy illustrations around the house when I was a little girl and immediately falling in love them. It's like I wanted to be one of the whimsical little fairies in the magical drawings. Throughout my life, Rackham's fairy-tale illustrations have brought me comfort and memories of childhood innocence.

They now give me something else: fashion inspiration. As I’m sure you’ll agree, the black lips seen this year at Prada are a tad morbid for real life. I’d rather lighten up my look with fairy-tale innocence. This effectively keeps the theme of old-age darkness while not looking too severe.

Givenchy Fall 08

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