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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Penny Arcade - Interview

Penny Arcade is Toronto's newest vintage hot spot. It's a lovely and convenient addition to the still blossoming Dundas West vintage stretch that is home to stores like Apt. 909 and Marylou Flamingo. The store held an opening night celebration for friends, vintage shoppers, and partiers.

Store owner Rachel Sheehan was excitedly reviewing outfit choices when fashionMovementz arrived at the store. Her friends were setting up a cold weather comfort food spread of Tim Horton's donuts, macaroni, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Perusing the shop, you will find a perfect selection of vintage gear and a most impressive display of quirky trinkets. One of the many display shelves is home to ultra-wintery old copy of The Call of The Wild and a popcorn bucket holding neat old sunglasses.

Next to this interesting little shelf is a framed page of The Old Man and the Sea with some of its text replaced with clever curses in pen. And we haven't even seen the art yet!

Click here to read on for the interview with Sheenan

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