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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Bootin' Balance

by Jacquie Burton

“Luxury need not have a price, comfort itself is a luxury.”
-Geoffrey Beene, designer.

When it comes to choosing winter gear for a northern climate, Torontonians who put forth the right kind of effort are capable of balancing style with warmth and comfort.

Unfortunately, the choices involved with dressing for sub-zero temperatures are not far removed from those one must make when it comes to junk food. The desirable and fun option always turns out to be the impractical one that will contribute to you becoming ill in some shape or form.

Many of us simply deny the winter weather and venture out into icy chaos wearing platform or stiletto heels. Some women are in fact quite skilled in the art of wearing heels during the winter.
I'd like to be able to get some usage out of my fall platforms, at least on a Saturday night in the next few months. But most of us know that heels + booze + icy sidewalks = a very unglamorous wipe-out.

I am guilty when it comes to suffering for the sake of fashion, but like most people, I don't want to consider myself "fashion victim".

Balance is what we strive for in our lives, and our looks. This balancing act is inevitably more difficult during the post-holiday months.

This winter we are noticing a visible shift to more practical fashions.

Apparent to anyone who looks at what strangers are wearing on their feet, the Sorel boot is ubiquitous. This proves that for many folks, Sorels are no longer considered the dorky monstrosities of the past.

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From top: Men's and Women's Sorel, Red Wing 875, The Timberland Boot Co. Counterpane lace-up, Men's and Women's Frye.

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