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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Always Cry Wolf

by jacquieshambles

fashionMovementz is a fan of local t-shirt company Cry Wolf and you should be too.

They create unmistakeably adorable yet undoubtedly dark illustrations that transform t-shirts into wearable art.

The recent past has seen an influx of graphic tees, but Cry Wolf offers a fresh take while capturing the essence of why we started loving our graphic tees in the first place!

One visit to their impressive website, will show you the distinct vibe these girls have got: Whimsical and unique illustrations on t-shirts (and more) made by talented young Canadian women. What’s not to love?

Ambitious and sweet, Cry Wolf’s creators Rose and Steph sat down with fashionMovementz for good conversation over early evening coffee.

fashionMovementz: What does Cry Wolf do?

Steph- We do hand silk screens, mostly tee shirts, for men, ladies and kids. We also do hand pressed buttons and pocket mirrors.

FM: How did you meet and get your start?

Rose: We were both in high school together; I was in the same grade as Steph’s sister. We were both arts people, and that’s sort of how we bonded. I went to U of T for art, and she went to OCAD. After I graduated, we wanted to do something that would allow us to live off our art. So we started our first company, Poisson. We didn’t know anything about business, we just dove in head first.

FM : Where do you operate?

R- We are based and operate out of Toronto. Our studio is actually in both of our houses.

FM: What motivated you to collaborate on a company together?

S: We wanted to start a career where we had creative control. If we were to go out and get jobs in our field we probably wouldn’t have that freedom. That is really what inspired us to do our own thing.

R: Neither of us are nine-to-five people, even though now we work much longer than that for Cry Wolf.

FM: What inspired the change from Poissen to Cry Wolf?

S: About 2 years after we started Poissen, we realized we weren’t fully unified. Our focus was a little scattered. We wanted to really brand ourselves with Cry Wolf, so we have a more solid line now and we’re really trying to push our name out there.

R: Poissen was more of an experiment. We have more concentration and direction now.

FM: Why the name “Cry Wolf”?

S: When we were discussing and brainstorming possible names for the line, Cry Wolf came to mind in when thinking about the fables. Our designs are imaginative and use animal imagery, so it fits.

R: Right. And “Cry Wolf” kind of suits our personalities.

FM: How would you describe the Cry Wolf aesthetic?

S: Kind of… Random?

R: Well, it is in a way, but we now choose certain designs with some narrative to them. People can interpret our designs in different ways.

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Where to find Cry Wolf



Freedom Clothing Collective

939 Bloor Street West

Slinky Music

442 Queen St. W.


Headquarters Galerie + Boutique
1649 Rue Amherst



246 Dalhousie St

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Rowrow said...

Great post! :)
I always love to watch or in this case to read "behind the scenes" sort of documentary on designers.

Cooky designs, I would totally sport it!

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