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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gap at it again...

By Paul Frost
The Gap
has hired three top models for their Spring 2009 campaign:

Jessica Stam, Erin Wasson and Eddie Klint

The models look stunning and very all-American but can Gap: Can you please stimulate us just a little? The Gap is one of those places we all visit but never really buy anything from. They have incredibly boring clothes but all the basic staples a boy or girl needs. Gap has the money to hire and pay the most sought after models but their ads usually still come up flat and uninspiring. Maybe I am being too hard on good old Gap because they serve their purpose. Anyone from a baby to a Grandmother can be dressed from one single store which is pretty amazing. But do you really wanna shop where you can buy something for the entire family? Didn't think so. Retailers like Gap start to remind me of A&W.. I'm over the Teen Burger.. and don't want a Grandma Burger yet.


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