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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dark times... Bright Future.

By Jacquie Burton

Before we begin: I beg of everyone... please boycott the term "recessionista". Don't let that ghastly word get any worse or spread any farther than it already has! Hopefully telling people NOT to use the term doesn't count as actually using it.. In any case that buck stops here, I promise!

With harsh climates (economic AND weather) we all felt some major winter blues. As we push forward into 2009, the vibe on the street and runway is pure joy and optimism.
Lanvin's Spring line showed us asymmetrical dresses in power punching orange and vivid fuchsia. Nothing dismal here.
Let us compare this bright optimism with the not so distant dismal past..

People lapped up reflections of economic uncertainty and depression in the Fall 2008 lines. Black, black and more black. Oh and maybe a touch of gray. I never thought being poor and depressed could look so chic!
2008, if anything, taught us a few things. One lesson for me: The merit of black in the wardrobe. Black is fool proof and it is timeless. It's slimming. It's Parisian looking. And just like that, I can't stop buying/wearing it!

Younger designers Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh,Yohji Yamamoto and Anne Demuelemeester

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Lanvin Spring 2009

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2008


Eeli said...

I abhor the term recessionista. Enough with the depressive adjectives already! We know it'll be shady times ahead :(

I'm all for mute colours and bright ones too, although i'm more comfortable in the darker shades. Less noticed you see ^_^

Enjoyed so much reading our comment. It made me laugh. I like how you used the term ego searching and i'd be so terrified if there were a wiki page on me. Wouldn't you?


Rowrow said...

Not a very glamorous term. It sounds so depressing.

I love the power of black. Timeless indeed friend. Slimming, that is why I love it. I agree with "Eeli", I'm definitely all for mute colors as well. I wouldn't want to call them mute because "dark" colors can still make the biggest statements. Black can be paired with almost anything.

A punch of color is always fun for this season, especially now...

Loved the post, keep it coming! :)

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