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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bad boy flicks and Fall/Winter Fashion = A killer combo!

fashionMOVEMENTZ like to draw fashion inspiration from films. We don't look only to the obvious ones like Annie Hall either. The winter weather has me looking towards both 50's and 80's juvenile delinquent movies. Channel the ripped-denim, white-tee'd, leather jacketed style from these movies and you'll bad ass AND cozy.

River's Edge, 1986

(pictured above) I adored the early 90's tapered denim, white-socks, with black boots, flannel and leather. Dig Ione Skye's luscious wavy brown locks against a chunky white cable knit sweater!

The Outsiders, 1983
The legendary cast wears flannel, leather, denim, and that awesome mickey mouse tshirt!


Elle♥Madame said...

that last photo is good i think that was my fave :)

Miss Karen said...

I LOVED watching The Outsiders as a kid - I think I need to dig it out again :D And I must watch River's Edge too - I've been dying to see it for years!

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