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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Interview with [dress to] KILL Magazine's Patrick de Grace

Amidst the frenzy that is fashion week, [dress to] KILL Magazine cofounder and editor at large Patrick de Grace met up with fashionMOVEMENTZ in Toronto to talk about his new Montreal-based magazine. He oozed style and charm while discussing the Montreal fashion scene, the fashion industry, and the visionary designer he does P.R for, Denis Gagnon.

Kill Magazine a hot new publication produced by Montreal's most talented fashion industry folks. Kill is free, and it boasts artistic, cutting edge editorials. It features the most interesting of Montreal's fashion and art scenes. A certain stand-out from Canada's fashion magazines, Kill embodies an authentic Montreal cool that captivated fashionMOVEMENTZ.

JB: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
PDG: I was first working as an accountant…about a year. I decided to move onto something else. I met Denis Gagnon after he came back from Morocco, he was there teaching for 3 years. I started making friends, hanging around and getting involved. By being with certain people at photo-shoots, I kind of realized that I have “the eye”. I realized that I have a talent for editing, which I didn't know before.

JB: Did any fashion magazines or media interest you while you were growing up?
PDG: I'll tell you a story. When I was young, there was a TV show on musique plus, hosted by St├ęphane Le Duc who is now my chief director, so we now actually work together!
I wasn't as much into the magazine thing, more television. (The show) was young, it was hip.

JB: What inspired KILL magazine?
PDG: Well, I was there at the beginning. I met Sylvain Blais about a year and half ago and he said I have a project: “I'd like to make a magazine.” So with Ewa Bilinski and Kathia Cambron as partners, we set out to make a fashion magazine. We now have fashion editor Fritz and beauty editor Vincent Francis.
We are dedicated to promoting and supporting fashion designers and the people in this avant-garde industry. We really want to highlight the business, to show the story and people behind the images.
We aren't teaching people how to dress, it's not like that. We want to bring people somewhere else.

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