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Friday, November 7, 2008

Interview - Dialogue Headwear

Glowing up the scene since 2005... Trevor Harris loves colour. If someone strolls by wearing a piece from his Dialogue line, chances are you'll notice. In a sea of gray scale and drab Ontario winter skies, Dialogue's fluorescents stand out. “Stand out” is almost an understatement. With colours like “highlighter yellow” draping the Dialogue skateboarders, snowboarders and fans, a more accurate description would be “glow-out”.

Wearing Dialogue, you'll stand out not only on the streets or slopes, but in the clubs. I saw for myself when I stared down at the dance floor at Circa on Friday night. One dancer was sporting the highlighter yellow shirt and he literally glowed.

Fashionmovementz' Jacquie Burton met with the determined young entrepreneur behind Dialogue after learning of the line at this fall's Clothing Show. Excited by his candy-coloured merch and impressed by his motivated yet humble spirit, Jacquie wanted to know more about the guy responsible for the line that seems an equivalent to the ubiquitous electro music of today.

JB: Why Dialogue?

TH: When I first started I was crocheting the hats myself. Everything was handmade, and it was literally just for my friends. I call it Dialogue because I had to have a conversation with each one of my customers to customize their hat for them. So everyone who's bought hats from me, it's been through personal communication The first two years I was doing this, everyone knew who I was because I would hand deliver hats to them so I'd always have to have a 'dialogue' with them.

JB: Who is involved with Dialogue?

TH: For the most part, I do everything myself. I print the t shirts myself, I do all the designs, I made the website myself. But there are a lot of people involved. I sponsor Skateboarders and snowboarders, which is actually a really good way to get your name out there. For the most part, I do everything myself, but my parents are also involved, they help me out a lot. They've basically allowed me to do what I need and I'm very lucky to have them.

JB: How long have you been in business?

TH: Officially, on September 15, 2005. But I started taking it really seriously in 2006.

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