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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stud Muffin


Public School

This winter I'm lusting after all things studded: jackets, shoes, and even gloves.
When I saw Carrine Roitfield in a gold-studded leather Givenchy jacket, I knew I had to have something like it for this season.
The problem is, I'm lacking an Olsen-sized bank account so I had to seek out an alternative..

Black studded Supra Skytop's.
I first noticed Supra's new industrial-cool sneaks on the addictive streetwear site highsnobiety.
These things are the closest thing sneakers can get to what can only be referred to as "shit-kicker" boots. I'd love to wear them with my A.P.C denim and a gray hoodie for a casual look.
Last week I spotted them in the window at
Stolen Riches. (734 Queen St. W.) I've been meaning to make a probably useless trip down there and ask if they carry or can order me a size 6 men's.
Ah, the hassles of having a thing for men's shoes and being a woman with size 8 feet. Don't get me wrong, I would not be pleased if my favorite men's shoes were suddenly produced in woman's sizes. That would diminish the special feeling I get from procurring the men's kicks I desire in a size that actually fits me. Yes, I take pleasure in knowing that other girls probably aren't wearing the same shoes as me. Don't we all?


Lisa said...

thanks for the sweetness.

cool canadian blog.


Hot Bot said...

Amazing shoes. All of them!

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